Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pivot and other stuff

  • I’ve been off air for the last few months mostly coming up to speed on Office 2010 whilst developing some rather cool Excel training materials in PowerPoint 2010 as a potted set of training materials with hands-on demos, combined with videos and narration
  • In between work and play I’ve also been developing a new company selling e-bikes over at A 2 year incubator company selling LEV (Light Electric vehicles) whereby I intend to have my own branded models and technology at a some stage. Grin factor 10 when you ride an e-bike into town, especially when you power up the hills – it’s like being a bionic man! Muscle power + electricity – a powerful cocktail for you adrenaline junkies and not to healthy types as well..
  • Out of the Office 2010 apps, Excel 2010 impresses; mostly due to the outstanding speed it loads and performs calculations on Pivot table data. With Power Pivot it can handle a million rows of data on the 32-bit version and 100’s of millions of rows in the 64-bit version of Excel 2010 allied with Windows x-64 bit + oodles of RAM
  • How does Power Pivot work? Clever compression algorithms that compress data both on disk and in memory .. more
  • Gary Flake of Live Labs demos Microsoft Live Power Pivot. He shows off rather impressive PhotoSynth (Silverlight?) like application that can be used to Pivot web data. You can download it here. There will also be a Silverlight application you can embed in your own site, with your own content later this summer 2010

MS PP site
MS PP Gallery site – password is Pass@word1

Office 2010 documents shared on FaceBook

  • Interesting collaboration project with FUSE at Microsoft Cambridge Research, and Facebook whereby you can edit and share Office 2010 docs in the cloud with your friends and colleagues. Currently invitation only
  • One of several incubation projects under Ray Ozzie’s tutelage to further Social cohesion