Sunday, May 23, 2010

HDR using Photo stitch?

  • This is a test photo I took on the way home today on the back road coming into Thomastown. It is made up of four photos stitched together using Microsoft’s Live Photo Gallery photo-stitch tool. There are two left side shots, top and bottom and two right side shots top and bottom. Each had under and over exposure, simply by the fact I was pointing towards the ground and sky

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Windows phone series 7 – yes please!

  • Now that’s the way to do it

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lexus e-bike prototype

  • Early prototype of the Lexus e-bike. Both VW and Lexus are having a stab at the e-bike market, but like the GoCycle they have some way to go yet to produce a lightweight, pedal driven stowaway that meets the criteria of low cost, low consumption, small environmental footprint and long range i.e. >65Km
  • This model looks over designed and would benefit from rear suspension to take the knocks out of the stiff carbon fibre frame – flax would be better, or just plain old aluminium would do. Overall though there are some nice touches, like the Kevlar drive and hub-based gears and neat cable-work tightly integrated

Model citation jet

  • Nicely flown model plane. Considering the wind, that was a cool bit of flying. Mind you, a little bit of wind will make it that bit more stable on landing providing there is not too much low level turbulence