Sunday, December 27, 2009

Atkinson cycle!? My surname in fame..

  • Ford fusion car with a Atkinson cycle engine hybrid engine. The Atkinson cycle leaves the inlet valve open for longer during the induction phase loosing some low end torque which is compensated by combining the electric motor during acceleration. The new Toyota Prius uses this technology along with regenerative braking and a heat transfer pump, taking exhaust heat away to keep the engine warm during pure electric phase of driving. 2.5 ltr. donkey!? Are you kidding me! The Prius uses a 1.8 VVti engine giving roughly 50mpg combined – theoretically >72mpg.
  • This puppy does  42mpg urban (city) and 36mpg extra-urban (highway) with a combined of 39mpg ‘theoretically’; more like 35mpg in the real world according to the-truth-about-cars. It weighs in at circa 3,800 pounds or 1.9 imperial tons!
  • Waste of money? We should see some better hybrids on the market in 2010, for now my advice is stay away from them. Is this a hybrid? No not really, more like a ‘light hybrid’ with a gas-guzzler engine. A 3 cylinder modern diesel-electric (with a particulate filter) would be the best hybrid I reckon, perhaps combined with a capacitive battery utilising emerging carbon-nanotube technology