Sunday, October 18, 2009

Channel4 4oD – new media age


  • One of the funniest comedy series I have seen in a long time, all available by courtesy of Channel4 4oD (4 on demand)
  • Channel4 will soon be hosting 4oD content directly from YouTube carrying their own branding and commercials adding up to 3000 hours of content, available up to 30 days after initial broadcast to the UK only at first. Hopefully this will then go global once they can figure out a sustainable licensing model – more
  • PRS have also signed a deal to allow music content to be put back on to YouTube, originally having had to pull all the music video content off due to licensing issues surrounding global access rights and payments to PRS and it’s associated artists – more
  • Channel4 will now benefit from switching hosting traffic to YouTube, gaining from Google’s massive data-centre network combined with data reporting facilities, so that viewing metrics can be passed back to the Channel hosts and licensees like PRS alike