Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dale Vince – Lotus electric car anyone?

  • I watch Robert Llewellyn's weekly video podcast, where he interviews various luminaries and key figureheads in all things tech. Here he’s been driven by Dale Vince, of Ecotricity UK. Dale setup one of the first wind turbines in the UK, near Stroud (where I used to fly my model planes near). Dale is an avid eco-warrior and is working with Lotus to provide the wind turbines local to their factory and work site. I’m speculating, but given the relationship with Lotus, I’d say the early prototype Dale is seen here driving, stems from a Lotus chassis. Makes a lot of noise, but apparently goes like a rocket
  • If it ever reaches production, I’d be surprised, but then again, Dale looks like a man on a mission..