Sunday, November 01, 2009

Arctic sea ice almost gone

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  • Freak weather in the USA and Philippines is raising concerns amongst scientists, government and military officials about the fallout should the arctic ice caps melt completely. Policy makers in the USA, both Republican and Democrats.. are meeting to discuss how they might turn around the massive destruction of the polar ice caps and glaciers by injecting an aerosol like artificial cloud (sic) into the upper atmosphere by employing military jets or a mile high tower (sic) at a cost of circa $7 billion per annum
  • On further reading up on MSNBC, there is grave concern that we are entering a run-away-train situation with the ice caps melting entirely in the next 5-10 years (sic). The question remains what if anything can we do to reverse the unexpected accelerated ice-melt that is now being witnessed
  • It’s interesting that since global warming was initially reported that no news coverage is now being given to this serious situation..  it’s as though the news organisations have been told to zip-it and not fan public concern – read more:

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