Sunday, November 15, 2009

P2V - Creating a Virtual Hard Disk (.VHD) from a physical disk


  • I’ve started experimenting with Virtual Hard Disk (.VHD) bootable environments under Windows 7. There is a free Disk2VHD tool available for converting a physical disk to a VHD. I have already created a training .VHD which I boot to for my WorkSmart training. I used the WDT (Windows Demonstration Toolkit) version of Windows 7 Ultimate and bundled Office 2010b on to it. Works like a dream, boots fast and yes you can run XP Mode Virtual PC in that environment
  • I already posted on VHD Resizer, a tool from VMTOOLKIT that let’s you take an existing .VHD file and resize it to a Dynamic or Fixed disk .VHD. The only thing you need to do after resizing it, is to boot into the resized disk and using the Disk Management tool, extend the partition size to the new size. I discovered when using BCDEDIT to enter the .VHD into the partition table as a mount point, that the new size is not reflected