Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ribbon Hero


  • Now that we’re well passed the beta stage of this add-in I thought I’d give it another go
  • What does it do? It’s role play tool that sets you challenges and measures your performance using Microsoft Office applications… and.. let’s you score points against you buddies and colleagues via Facebook. Kind of Mr. Clippy, but this time you win balloons!
  • In Office 2010 there will be social connectors made available at a later stage, which in theory let you connect to Facebook, twitter etc and presumably share your skills via data mining emails or.. via metrics gathered via role play tools like Ribbon Hero
  • I suspect this will end up forming part of a training platform via role play possibly with metrics linked to your job; maybe even linked to a remuneration scheme. Hard to tell how this will be routed. But there is plenty of scope for diversification
  • I’d prefer a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)application training guide hooked into the ribbon to smart-sense what it is I’m trying to do, then present me with a number of options and let an WPF avatar trainer walk me through the process – hell, why not do the work for me, so I can take the day off and go flying ;-) Man that’s what I call being productive, arf